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Telemedicine: Why many employers are adopting it and how to get your clients on board

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It is projected by 2018 that nearly 90% of employers will be offering telemedicine to their employees, according to the 2015 Towers Watson Best Practices in Health Care Survey with the National Business Group on Health.  Why Telehealth?  A shortage of primary care doctors has increased patient wait times to 20.3 days on average; the U.S. healthcare industry wastes an estimated 38 billion from ER overuse; and 30 million uninsured Americans are being added to the system. Healthcare consumers are more digitally focused than ever – 4 in 5 smartphone users are interested in using their technology to interact with a healthcare provider. More employers are choosing telehealth as a low-cost way to drive employee satisfaction, increase productivity and help reduce overall healthcare costs.  Immediately reduce costs by redirecting unnecessary and non-emergency visits to Urgent Care, ER and Primary Care.... Read More

10 Tons Ago – HBG’s Campaign to Reverse Metabolic Syndrome in the Workplace

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10 Tons Ago is a collective campaign for like-minded employers that will offer members access to an online, behavior-based weight loss program that helps you change how you eat instead of what you eat. It’s not a diet. By learning new techniques about how and when you should eat, you can continue eating your favorite foods while improving your health, reducing your chance of developing serious, chronic disease, and losing weight. To date, HBG’s program participants have averaged 9.5 lbs of weight loss for a cumulative of just under 2,000 pounds. Results from larger corporations using similar tactics are even more impressive and underscore the effectiveness of the program. Southwest Airlines has lost a total of 17,500 pounds, Genesis Health System has lost 35,000 pounds and The Hartford a total of 40,000 pounds! Together we can help our clients reverse Metabolic Syndrome, limit their chances of developing chronic disease and improve their healthcare bottom line. Contact us to learn how you can help your clients on the path to reducing Metabolic Syndrome among their workforce.... Read More

The Problem: Metabolic Syndrome (MetS)

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Metabolic Syndrome is the leading cause of rising healthcare costs, decreases in employee wellbeing and loss of productivity in the workforce.  Simply defined Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of risk factors that increase a person’s risk for a majority of the major chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and more.  We at HBG have put a stake in the ground to reverse Metabolic Syndrome.  We are on a mission for our clients to be part of a larger collective to radically impact change.  Click here to learn more about the program... Read More