Our Solutions:

Second Opinions and Expert Decision Support

  1. Connect consumers with the nation’s leading medical specialists for second opinions and treatment support.
  2. Specialists come from leading medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Harvard and represent over 120 medical sub-specialties.

Key Benefits:

  • Review a new medical diagnosis or existing condition, treatment plan, or medication
  • No claim cost by employee or insurance carrier
  • Consults available in 3-4 days

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  • Online access to the world’s best doctors
  • Direct access to a personal Care Team member
  • Recommendations for the best doctor based on the employee’s needs
  • Personalized recommendations based on medical records


  • 34% of diagnoses are corrected after consultations
  • Average consult savings: $3,000
  • 61% of back surgeries are considered unnecessary based on second opinions
  • An average of $19,949 is saved by every back surgery avoided
  • 99% of users would recommend to a friend

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