Our Solutions:

Personalized Fitness

  1. With Peerfit, employees will have an engaging fitness solution that is easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to enjoy.
  2. Offer fitness freedom with a variety of classes and gyms for all fitness levels.

Key Benefits:

  • Bring coworkers together in a unique and compelling way – employees can invite their colleagues to join them at fitness classes in their city for a “healthier happy hour”
  • Boost employee engagement, track usage, and improve the health of your employees

Our Partner

  • Receive 32 credits per month to discover new classes and workouts
  • Explore participating studios and gyms on Peerfit’s web platform or mobile app
  • Stream online classes at home using FORTË
  • 75% of Peerfit users say their largest motivator was getting a free benefit from their employer
  • 44% of users agree they are less stressed and more productive
  • Peerfit client survey: group average 4.28 fitness classes per active employee per month

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