Our Solutions:

Healthcare Advocacy & Transparency

  1. Single point navigation to handle care decisions, benefits, bills and appointments.
  2. Provide employees the resources they need to make effective decisions about their health, including the best cost and care available to them.

Key Benefits:

  • Save on out-of-pocket expenses for the employee
  • Reduce healthcare costs to the employer
  • Stay competitive with the 83% of large employers offering consumer-directed health plans


Our Partners

  • Patient navigation teams of doctors and nurses
  • Centralized mobile experience
  • Proactive and targeted approach
  • Integrated intelligence


  • Direct access to dedicated Healthcare Concierges
  • Estimates on procedures, surgeries and prescription costs
  • Support clarifying and disputing out-of-pocket expenses
  • Advisement on highest-rated doctors in the area

  • Directs members to high quality, low-cost options
  • Reviews and negotiates bills
  • Proprietary provider and facility assessments
  • Open enrollment support
HBG partner stats

Rightway Healthcare

  • 12% reduction in employer healthcare cost trend
  • 4x average ROI in year 1


  • 20% employee engagement in year 1
  • 98% user satisfaction


  • Savings as high as $1,500 per user
  • Over 56% utilizing comparative doctor ratings and costs

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