Our Solutions:


  1. Improve the healthcare experience for families with complex care.
  2. Reach, support, and improve productivity for caregiving employees.

Key Benefits:

  • Access a personal care coordinator and project manager
  • Available for caregivers of family members of all ages and conditions
  • Employees will save time, money, and stress with the concierge approach

Our Partner



A dedicated care coordinator and concierge will:

  • Schedule appointments
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Handle prior authorizations
  • Source and vet in-home aides
  • Assist with moving into a care facility
  • Contest insurance bills
  • 1 in 5 employees are caring for a sick or aging loved one
  • 67% of caregivers miss work or take unpaid leave
  • Women take on the majority of caregiving
  • Companies lose millions each year due to caregiving distraction

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