Working with Employers

We create member engagement by taking into account your corporate culture and employee behaviors.

You’ll know you’re working with Healthy Business Group when your wellness programs:

  • Advance employee health
  • Are easy to implement
  • Have high engagement from employees
  • Reduce healthcare costs

High engagement is the key to generating ROI on your healthcare programs.

  • We provide consistent results by leveraging your engagement rates and cost savings as the foundation for continual optimizations.
  • We also share that information with you in our monthly reports, so you can stay in the know.


Potential savings per employee by implementing a telemedicine program


Average reduction in medical claims through Price transparency programs

“My daughter who is away at college reached out to me complaining of symptoms that this mom thought were clearly strep throat. I remembered HBG’s telemedicine program and signed up. She requested a consult, received a call back within 5 minutes and had a prescription for an antibiotic. In a world where we mainly hear complaints, here is an email that is not!”
― HBG Telemedicine Participant
“I chose a goal of 10 pounds for the 10 week program. I have finished 8 weeks and have lost 12 pounds. My new goal is to get below 200 pounds before the New Year, that’s only another 15 pounds. Maybe by Jan of 2017 I can be down to 160 pounds, it’s a goal I now see if possible with this metabolic syndrome reversal program.”
― HBG Metabolic Syndrome Reversal Participant
“HBG’s health advocacy program and their support staff do a wonderful job. They have assisted me and my wife on setting appointments, recommending doctors, helping to locate blood lab, assisted in disputed medical bills and locating x-ray labs in our network.”
― HBG Healthcare Advocacy Participant

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