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Industry leaders are catching our drift, do you?

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With the rise of the gig economy, many employees opt for freelance or independent contractor status, causing the employment climate to change. Employee benefits should be right along with this change. Employees want more control over their schedule, work environment, and benefits. Whether you are overseeing part-time workers, gig workers, freelancers, or temps, we know you are still in the business of retaining talent. Employer benefits are a powerful incentive for employers to entice and keep talented workers. The decision to purchase benefits is not to be taken lightly for either party, and we highlight this delicacy with an industry professional and an alternative to traditional employer-sponsored programs. ... Read More

The Great Resignation?

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As an employer what can we learn from the great resignation and how can we adapt this trend to be a positive drive for productivity and change in our own workplaces? read on to discover how this great resignation is really just a great realignment...... Read More

Preventive screenings

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With October being breast cancer awareness month this is the perfect time to schedule your preventive screenings. Part of having coverage confidence is knowing your body which you do through getting tested and speaking openly with your doctors. ... Read More