Healthee by HBG

Retention is the name of the game

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Keep your top talent in 2023 with this retention tool!Keeping employees happy means more than just office snacks and summer fridays it means providing true benefit solutions for coverage like vision and dental, healthcare and so much more. And the best part is you can offer this coverage at no cost to you. learn more today. ... Read More

Gig workers need a hand protecting their health

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Gig workers and freelancers are traditionally excluded from a broker's books of business. Still, it is clear that these communities need coverage, and there are options for them. So we need to get the word out. Freelancers, gig workers, part-time workers all those lacking the stability of a traditional 9-5 can access low-cost coverage with benefits from Healthee by HBG. With no employer sponsorship and no open enrollment, freelancers can enjoy the same flexibility and control they have in their work life and their health. ... Read More