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HBG Partners with 2nd.MD

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2nd.MD goes by the motto “The best doctors in the world available by video in 3 days”. They are a major disrupter in the health care industry, as we know it today. They provide a telehealth platform combining treatment support with expert opinions from doctors at elite institutions. 2nd.MD’s effortless concierge approach connects members with the right specialists from top institutions like Mayo Clinic, Harvard and John’s Hopkins. This is virtual, expert decision support for difficult, complex conditions: a new diagnosis, possible surgery, worsening of a chronic disease or change in medication.   2nd.MD provides unbiased, direct video-based consultations with experts in conditions from renowned institutions.  All from the comfort of your own home in just a couple of days. According to 2nd.MD, theses Virtual Centers of Excellence yield some staggering results: 73% of treatment plans have been improved, 1 in 3 surgeries are being voluntarily cancelled by the member and 34% of consults result in an expert suggesting an alternative diagnosis. This next phase of consumerism is bringing us higher quality care, improved safety, less waste, unprecedented access to elite specialists and a much more confident consumer.... Read More

Healthcare Transparency: How to Fix What’s Not Working

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The New York Times recently published an article analyzing the progress of transparency solutions in the healthcare industry. The idea behind these tools is to harness the power of big-data to empower consumers to become sophisticated shoppers of medical care.   The article notes that limitations of these tools are becoming clear. Trying to engage employees when they are deciding where to go and what care they need has been daunting for everyone in the industry. Utilization requires a shift in behavior; people are hesitant to use the tools and when they do, they might not rely on the insight. At HBG we know it takes more than powerful tools to drive utilization and measurable results. We work with advisors to devise strategies for their clients – using legal financial contribution differentials to drive the participation and ongoing engagement required for sustainable cost control.... Read More