Checking in with HealthEE Support

As you know, our HealthEE support team is HealthEE by HBG’s friendly and accessible resource for answering any and all healthcare-related questions. January is a hectic month, we have many new members onboarding and calling with questions, so I checked in with the team to see what patterns they are noticing.
One wholesome trend we see is family members calling on behalf of loved ones like parents and significant others. It is incredibly touching to see family members discussing their loved one’s options and seeking the best plan for their needs.
Following the holidays, many callers have been looking for general plan overviews and in-network inquiries. Our team has found that the best way to clarify the difference from plan to plan comes down to the correlation between cost and coverage.
The feedback we have been receiving from callers is the general consensus that our members love the flexibility HealthEE by HBG healthcare plans offer.

Give yourself the gift of wellness

After a month of shopping, cooking, and cleaning for others, you deserve a little treat for yourself. Look no further than HealthEE by HBG’s wellness guide.

  1. A Fancy candle 
    • You can find a fancy candle high and low during the holidays but instead of purchasing one for someone else, buy yourself as fancy a candle as your heart desires. I recommend the Trader Joe’s candles if you’re balling on a budget for a fragrant scent. If you want to dish more, I recommend The Hinoki Fantome candle by boy smells pricier but is worth the tag to experience when treating yourself! 
  2. eMindful
    • eMindful offers daily mindful courses and on-demand resources to relax your body and mind. From meditation to mindfulness-based games, this is the perfect resource if you need a reminder to relax. It’s $20 for three months, so it’s different than committing to a gym on January first and being stuck till the following January. Trust me; you can treat yourself to a daily reminder to relax for a few months.
  3.  Mean lean hydration & immunity support
    • With all signs of this flu season being a doozy, why not implement something extra into your routine? Depending on how “treat myself” you want to take this one, you can go anywhere from the emergen-c packets found at pretty much any drug store or get a little fancy with it and try Nuun, which has more of a flavor variety, low sugar-of course.
  4.  Oneperfect
    • One perfect is like a mindset podcast written by a psychologist with a personalization factor, almost like a verbal journal. Using the OnePerfect app, you can record your messages for yourself or others dealing with similar circumstances. With episodes or “shifts” for many of life’s hiccups, it makes you feel less alone knowing others are dealing with the same struggles and sharing how they are getting through is motivating. Plus, your first two weeks are free! The perfect guiltless treat yourself. 
  5.  Refresh your nighttime routine 
    • A nighttime routine is sacred, let me tell you, and it can change your whole sleep game, having specific actions that remind your body that it’s time to wind down and help you sleep better. While I am no dermatologist this year, I have begun swearing by the nighttime routine dubbed slugging, where you put on a night mask or thick moisturizer before going to sleep. Trader Joe’s has a great watermelon overnight mask, and Kiehl’s ultra facial overnight hydrating masque would be my step-up choice. Both leave you ready for bed ultra hydrated. 
  6.  Your gym alternative
    • Look, we have all learned our lesson at this point. No more gym memberships we aren’t going to use. Instead, opt for something a little more low-maintenance. Wellbeats is the premier in-demand fitness program with 30 channels, hundreds of virtual fitness classes, and 20 + healthy eating cooking tutorials. They have workouts for every age and ability; you don’t have to leave the house! Perfect for the January freeze.
  7.  Telemedicine 
    • Look, it’s something you don’t think you will need until… You do! Picture this not a single minute clinic open for miles, and me miserable with the flu. Walmart health virtual care was indeed my saving grace. When the researchers cried wolf, saying this flu season was going to be a bad one, what they meant was this isn’t something a little DayQuil will solve, for when it’s cold, for when you are sick, or your kids are sick, trust me, you will be glad you have Walmart Health virtual care to get the prescriptions you need asap.  


Should you go freelance?

With industries announcing hiring freezes and the work-from-home movement in full swing working in the gig economy is hotter than ever. However, if you consider taking on freelance work either full-time or as a side gig, you may need help with where to start.
First of all, you must take a step back and consider how you work and whether your preexisting work habits would coincide with the freelance culture:
Ask Yourself these questions.

If you concluded that yes, you are the correct type of person to go solo, then read on the freelancer starter checklist.
Before taking the plunge, you should get your finances in order. Start by making a budget to ensure you put money aside as a safety net when you first start. You will also need to set up a financial bookkeeping system to have a strategy for organization from the outset, which goes hand in hand with opening a business bank account to keep track of incoming and outgoing payments specific to your business.

To prepare yourself for success, create a schedule and stick to it. Rookie mistakes include burning out from working too much or sidetracked by less important tasks.

A social presence is vital for any freelancer as it’s how you promote yourself. Use social media as a tool to promote your work as well as build connections. Having potential clients lined up will make the transition easier, so along with Instagram, make sure your Upwork and other gig sites are up and running and you have begun reaching out. For Networking, Linkedin is a no-brainer.

Fill your toolbox with everything you need to succeed. Freelancing is a one-person show, so you must cover all your bases. Do you need Adobe Creative Suite? Canva? Whatever programming it is, get your ducks in a row.

Create yourself a workspace or decide upon a public one. In metropolitan areas, you can throw a rock and hit a WeWork. Since the pandemic, several other options for co-working spaces have arisen, but if you plan to work from home, creating a quiet, organized, designated area for you to be productive will be critical to your success.

Lastly, When you decide to leave your corporate 9-5, you’re also preceding your employer-sponsored benefits. With, you can access affordable health benefits with no employer sponsor and no open enrollment, meaning you pay on a monthly or quarterly basis and can hop on or off anytime, making it the ideal platform for freelancers to shop for coverage. Before becoming a full-time freelancer, you should schedule a call with a HealthEE advisor to deduce the best range.


Thinking of going freelance? Here’s 8 things you should consider



Are you presenting HealthEE by HBG as a retain and attract tool? You should be.

The workforce is reshuffling. There is no doubt about it. Our new normal has sparked change in every industry universally. Employees want more, more flexibility, more balance, more control, just more. Whether they find that sense of more in another role or as a gig worker or freelancer, many are still trying to find the answer to their employment desires. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, the food and hospitality industries are among the most struggling industries to retain workers. In these sectors, the bulk of sales happen to the end consumer through the part-time workers, so they must be trained and controlled, armed with the knowledge to close the deal. No one can deny the importance of the customer experience. It is a heavyweight, especially considering those expected to hold it often feel the least appreciated. Traditionally the part-time worker is provided a different cachet than the corporate counterparts, no PTO, no benefits, and poor hours during the holidays while the rest of us are home with our families. While this model has worked in the past, the post covid employee isn’t biting in the same way anymore to attract and retain the necessary talent to close the sales in the store and behind the counter.
You can find the usual retention techniques across this platform and several others, including the shared working community; WeWork posted an article highlighting that retention means work-life balance, hiring good leaders, and building good teams, but how does one attract good leaders and sound teams? Businesses must convey a value matching the ideals of the potential hires they seek. Now while the most obvious of the bunch is providing employees with the ability to work from home, this is only an option for some industries. An employee can’t show a guest to their room or take a customer’s order from their home. However, there are other ways employers can give potential employees a sense of control and empowerment. Research from job boards Indeed and Glassdoor finds benefits and flexibility remain essential to attract talent. For the businesses that can’t afford to offer higher pay and can’t provide their employees a work-from-home option, how does offering the part-time workforce affordable benefits at no cost to the employer sound? Here is where Healthy Business Group steps in; their flagship product, HealthEE by HBG, is the online benefits solution for employers to offer employees at no cost to the employer, where employees can take control of their benefits and can choose to have more of what they need and less of what they don’t, now that’s an incentive.


Gen Z is using Social Media to find answers about their health

What began as an app for silly dances and memes has become a bustling platform for the content of all kinds. Tiktok has become a place where you can learn all sorts of information, from recipes to budgeting tips, music, entertainment, history lessons, where to eat, and where to shop. The corners of Tik Tok are endless, whatever you seek. Not only are there videos posted about virtually everything, but we, as viewers, trust this content more often than not. In September, the New York Times, among other publications, reported Tiktok rivaling google as a search engine among Gen Z, with 40% of young people going to TikTok or Instagram over google to find places to eat. The platform has adjusted accordingly, making it easier to find related information using keyword searches.
For Gen Z, there is a lot of distrust in the establishment across several conductors of authority. Gen Z tends to trust the experience of their peers first and foremost. Employer benefits news reported that a recent study by CharityRx discovered that one in three Gen Z users consult Tik Tok before their doctors for health advice. When we consider the topics these Gen Z users seek advice for, anxiety, depression, and weight loss, one can infer that these are all topics traditionally met with judgment from an older generation. While, yes, post-pandemic, we are a more understanding and more mental health-aware society, old habits die hard, and Gen Z may see Tik Tok as a source devoid of judgment.
It’s easy to brush off the trends of a younger generation as fads that will pass, but in terms of social behaviors, social media is a pillar here to stay, like it or not. You can either jump on the bandwagon or get lost in its dust. While many fact check the information they find online, only some do. There is a space online waiting to be filled with truthful information to rebuild the trust it seems Gen Z lacks in healthcare. Gen Z has proved time and time again that just because this is how things have always been done doesn’t mean they will continue to be done in the same way. As a whole, the industry needs to maintain relevance by being the source of knowledge online, meeting this generation where they are instead of hoping they will come to you because we already see that they won’t always.
The truth is Gen Z is just one generation on Tiktok. The platform caters to users of all demographics. Being a peer is being on the app and part of the community as a whole, Gen Z has the spotlight, but they are only one segment of the 750 million monthly users worldwide. In a separate article from Employer benefits news regarding the uninsured population of the gig economy, Stride Health’s CEO, Noah Lang, makes the point that the key to success when it comes to the benefits landscape today is “education, awareness and frequency, and making it easier for their workers to be aware of opportunities.” We must use new mediums to communicate and educate people of all employment statuses about their coverage accessibility.
As a source providing access to benefits for all part-time workers, freelancers, the gig economy as a whole, and any under-benefited individual, Tiktok has been on our radar for some time. It’sIt’s a big wide world out there. Just waiting to hear what you offer; we’ll see you there.


24% of gig workers are uninsured, & missing from your book of business

With the influx of people switching to freelance or “gig” work, there seems to be a component missing from everyone’s “how to join the gig economy handbook” on accessing benefits. Employer Benefit News reported that a survey conducted by Stride Health found that of the 4,000 independent workers spoken to, 24% are currently uninsured. To break it down further, 80% of those cited believe coverage costs more than $100 a month per family member. This belief that coverage is unattainable leaves many not even considering having coverage an option for them.
The solution to this misconception is to spread information. As employers and employees lean into the gig economy, employers find it easier to hire freelance workers during economic uncertainty, and employees want more control. More freedom benefits can feel like no man’s land when providing access to coverage has always been challenging for employers. Employers can offer their part-time and gig workers benefits at no cost with the HealthEE by HBG online benefits store. Independent contractors, freelancers, and anyone under the “gig economy” umbrella has access to these benefits and can choose to receive them with an employer or on their own with Spreading the word about these benefits is a win, win. Employers need to differentiate themselves to retain and attract talent, and HealthEE by HBG can do that with no cost to the employer. On the employee’s side, everyone needs benefits. No one is immune to needing the occasional doctor’s visit or teeth cleaning, and drivers for Uber, Postmates, Doordash, etc., can only get by with auto coverage.
In a time of information overload with “insurance” generating millions of search results on google, providing clarity is valuable; give this value to your part-time workers, contract workers, freelancers, and everyone you know in the gig economy today.



HealthEE by HBG Support

We’ve all been trapped in a loop of “press 3 if you’d like to speak with a service provider” and “stay on hold for the next available representative.” With each awful hold song, you get more and more frustrated just to have a real person at the end speak as if they were a robot themselves and just want you to purchase whatever it is they are selling- whether or not it’s the right option for you.

That is not the HealthEE by HBG way. When you call 888-655-4053 or schedule an appointment online, you are speaking with the real people who make up the HealthEE by HBG support team. No premeditated scripts or robot voices telling you to repeat your name and date of birth over and over, just a conversation.
Personal, friendly and focused on finding the best solution for you, that’s HealthEE by HBG.
Schedule a free call here to discuss your benefit needs with the HealthEE by HBG support team today!

It’s not too late to get your flu shot!

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? It’s not too late, whether you simply forgot or attempted to walk into CVS in October only to be told to come back in a month. Here I am to remind you if you haven’t gotten yours yet now is the time. While you’re at it might as well grab that new booster as well. 

The flu like many other respiratory illnesses is spread person to person through droplets projected when an infected person talks, sneezes and coughs. During the past few years due to the pandemic our society has had limited opportunities for such droplets to be expelled with the wearing of masks being prominent and social distancing causing many to remain a safe distance apart. But this fall as mask mandates become a thing of the past and many of us hang up our masks, return to work, ride the train and go to social events like concerts and parties once again we are back in the line of fire for cold & flu season. 

Which is why it is predicted that the flu will return this season with seemingly extra force as our bodies are reminded of the countless germs we encounter and intake while going about our daily lives.

Making this an extra important year to get your flu shot if you have yet to do so. If you have not, whether you simply forgot or attempted to walk into a pharmacy in October only to be told to come back in a month. Here I am to remind you if you haven’t gotten yours yet now is the time and while you’re at it might as well grab that new covid booster as well.

Schedule your flu shot here or here.

Take a deep breath this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a time you spend with loved ones sharing delicious food, football, and larger-than-life balloons floating their way down 34th street. Or for many, it is also a time of great stress as you literally and figuratively sit on opposing sides of the table with your family. Whether it’s politics, when you plan to start your own family, or any of the many life decisions you made differently than your elders, Thanksgiving can feel more like an interrogation rather than a celebration.

For those looking to the end of November with stress instead of delight, consider utilizing our wellness resource, eMindful, for help dealing with the added stress you are feeling. Thanksgiving should be a moment to relax ahead of the crazy holiday season, don’t let the relatives get you down; get eMindful to reduce your stress and practice your breathing to get you through the day when it gets here.  

Thanksgiving may be the perfect time to start yourself on a wellness journey, as it is easy to forget to make time for yourself among the hoopla of the holidays. eMindful offers 24/7/365 access to on-demand meditation and mindfulness games. Daily sessions are 30 minutes, and you can choose a schedule that works for you. So treat yourself to self-care with eMindful this November and lead yourself to a less stressful December.


After all this time, it is easy to forget that there are other reasons for coughing and sneezing than Covid. Still, as we continue to acclimate back to public life in a seemingly post covid dominated era, it’s becoming evident that this allergy season stands out from the rest. 

Earlier this fall ABC News hit the nail on its head in Detroit reporting researchers have found that “climate change is leading to more pollen in the air we breathe and tough seasons like this one,” yet another reason we need to make efforts to become a more eco-conscious society. But more to the point, how can you set yourself up for less runny allergy season, well we have some tips to boost that immune system of yours; 

Get moving

Implementing physical activity into your fall routine boosts your health and lessens your susceptibility to sickness. Now I know it’s common to throw exercise in to solve many health concerns. Still, the proof is in the pudding with this tip, a professor at Appalachian State University known for his research in exercise, nutrition, and immunology, David Nieman, told the New York Times about a study he conducted in 2011 following more than 1,000 adults living in North Carolina for three months in 2008. In this study, many aspects of the subjects’ lives were logged, such as diet and exercise and how often they were sick, but the number one lifestyle factor was physical activity.    

Listen to your body 

Now in that same breath, there is such a thing as over-doing it. While there is no measure for what is considered too much exercise, taxing your body can suppress the immune system making you susceptible to infection. Everyone is different, what is manageable for you may not be the same for your loved ones, so it is essential to listen to your own body and not measure or compare yourself to those around you. Stress and a lack of sleep can also reduce the body’s response to infection. Stay in touch with yourself physically and mentally. 

Follow a healthy diet. 

Now, diet is another easy ‘cure-all’ for health concerns for a reason. Brightly colored fruits, vegetables, citrus, fruits, red cabbage, and kale are all excellent sources of “flavonoids,” the chemical compound found in plants that help the body fight inflammation and illness. Additionally, items probably already in your daily routines, such as tea, coffee, dark chocolate, and specific grains such as buckwheat, are also considered flavonoids.

Keep those covid precautions in mind. 

Washing your hands often, getting your flu shot as well as the most up-to-date covid booster, and even wearing a mask may feel oh so 2020 but will continue to lessen your chances of getting sick. Consider testing before big social gatherings, and asking others to do so can minimize the risk of infection to everyone in your orbit. While this is one of the worst allergy seasons, Covid-19 is still in the air, and it is still a consideration we must all be wary of.

Be prepared 

Colds and allergies can aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma. Ensure your inhaler and medications are recent and on hand when needed. Additionally, take your allergy medication every day of the season to fend off any sniffles in the future, regardless if you feel any symptoms. Implementing vitamins into your daily routine if you have not already done so is another way to prepare your body to fight infection. 

Unfortunately, allergies are a seemingly unavoidable part of life, the CDC clocks as many as 60 million Americans suffering from seasonal allergies. All we can do is try to boost our immune systems and carry tissues in our bags during this time.


For more tips read this NYT article here