Employee retention tips and tricks for employers

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With the rise of quiet quitting and the great resignation, there has been no better time to communicate the exchange of value between you and your employees. The value you feel in the work they produce and the value you offer them in exchange as a boss. So read on for tips and tricks to encourage your most valued talent to stay put.

  • Create Growth paths: Create an environment where you continuously discuss professional goals and pathways for your employees to make them feel as though they are progressing more regularly than the traditional annual performance review. 
  • Respect work-life balance: In the age of technology, this can be harder than it seems. It is all too easy to reach anyone at any time of day or night. As easy as it may be to email someone while they are away, over the weekend, or at night consider setting a reminder for yourself instead to speak with them about it first thing during working hours. 
  • Build good teams: A team environment creates the opportunity for employees’ ideas to be heard and to hear differing views of others. Creating a space where employees feel their opinions are respected boosts engagement and foster employee bonding. 
  • Offer worthwhile incentives: By offering your employees benefits such as medical coverage, vision, dental as well as wellness offerings, you are communicating to your employees that you care about their well-being and their ability to protect themselves and their families. 

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