Healthy Business Group and Peerfit Announce Strategic Partnership

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New York, NY (May 16, 2019) – Healthy Business Group (HBG), a market leader in providing customers with access to a diverse set of innovative and disruptive health and well-being solutions, and Peerfit, the market leader in connecting employers and carriers with flexible fitness experiences, have teamed up to bring enhanced well-being to mid-market employers. With this partnership and others like it, HBG’s clients are able to achieve long-term employee well-being through increased individual engagement, leading to a more productive workforce and improved bottom-line.

Through Peerfit’s platform, employees gain access to local fitness studios and gyms by using employer-sponsored Peerfit credits. Employers that work with HBG will have the ability to provide Peerfit credits for all their employees. This powerful combination will immediately impact employer healthcare costs and provide long-term health benefits for employees.

“We are thrilled to be working with HBG to continue to redefine wellness with Peerfit,” said Peerfit CEO, Ed Buckley, III, Ph.D. “Giving employees a wellness benefit they can use together has been proven to increase engagement and ROI. HBG clients are now able to access the Peerfit network and invite their co-workers to join them at their favorite fitness studios and gyms, helping improve their accountability for their own wellness.”

 HBG CEO, Tom Morrissey, said, “Our ability to enable employers of all sizes to impact the health of their employees by offering innovative solutions like Peerfit is what sets us apart from our competition. Like Peerfit, we know ‘well-being’ is both personal and local.  Offering a wide range of disruptive solutions allows us to tailor our services to the distinct needs of the employee population we are serving.”

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About Peerfit

Peerfit is the market leader in connecting employers and carriers with innovative fitness experiences. Through their digital platform, insurance carriers, brokers and employers can redefine their benefits programs by giving employees access to a network of fitness studios and gyms – offering a variety of classes that cater to all levels of fitness – using workplace wellness dollars. For more information, visit

About HBG

Healthy Business Group (HBG) provides employees with enhanced access to services, resources to navigate a complex healthcare system and other tools that address the unique challenges that today’s employees and their families face.  HBG delivers proven solutions for employers focused on having healthier employees who are more engaged and productive at work and in life.  Leveraging our employee engagement experience, our team assists in the selection of the right programs based on the employers corporate culture to decrease healthcare costs and increase employees’ wellbeing.  As a result, our clients have a proven track record of realizing a true return on investment in these programs.