Capsule Interviews HBG’s Chief Medical Officer

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“Dear Doctor: Kristen Beyer”

From Hematology/Oncology clinical pharmacy specialist to Chief Medical Officer

by Steph Goldberg

Dr. Kristen Beyer has worn many hats in her career. She’s spent time working in the pharmacy, the hospital, and now, the office. Through each new challenge she’s remained relentlessly focused on improving patient outcomes and working collaboratively across teams. Read on to learn more about her impressive career, thoughts on the value of mentorship, and her eclectic taste in music!

From the Midwest to the Big Apple

I grew up in the Midwest in Iowa, and went to the University of Iowa, then on to pharmacy school. I’ve always loved science and medicine, but at the time, I wasn’t ready to be as hands on.

I was working as a tech at the U of I hospital, and I had two amazing mentors. They said to me, “We think you can do more” and pushed me to get outside my comfort zone, so I applied to Sloan Kettering. I would not be where I am today if it was not for the amazing mentors I had throughout my training.

I’m thankful to have had people to push me and guide me, which is so important when you are starting your career.

I instantly knew that I wanted to work in transplant and became a bone marrow transplant specialist. There’s such a unique patient population. You have to undergo such an intensive process. But it’s a collaborative process — pharmacists, NPs, case workers, they all need to work together as a team, which drew me to the specialty.

I wanted to do something that could help people. It seems like it would be sad, but you really get to see the beautiful side of it. The unbelievable fight of these patients and the success stories.

As a clinical specialist, I was able to pay it forward through preceptorship of pharmacy students and pharmacy residents. Helping young practitioners learn and navigate the intricacies of practicing pharmacy is one of the more rewarding aspects of my job.

From the Hospital to the Office

In February, I joined the team at Healthy Business Group (HBG) as Chief Medical Officer.

Currently, I’m leading the newest HBG program developed by our Health Innovation Team, Cancer Care Concierge. The program provides mid-market companies a Fortune 500 solution for cancer care resources and support.

Employees can schedule time to speak with me at any point during their cancer diagnosis. I then point them to relevant resources to help them get through this difficult, and scary time. We have resources that can provide second opinions, patient caregiving, and mindfulness platforms that are necessary when one faces a cancer diagnosis.

It’s strange to not be walking into a hospital every day, but I ‘m excited to be on the flip side: not seeing someone at their sickest, but helping to avoid illness. I’m excited by the new challenge of creating programs for employers to help their employees stay well and improve outcomes.

Lightning Round

Something people should do every day is…take some time for themselves

I feel looked after when…I’m with my parents. No matter how old I get, they are always there for me.

On my morning commute…I read Apple News.

I’m currently listening to…My Spotify Daily Mix. It’s got a little bit of everything, from Zac Brown Band and Jason Aldean to Pitbull!


NYC neighborhood: Tribeca. I like the nostalgic feel of the area, the architecture, the cobblestone streets. Plus the fact that it’s right on the water, which is so peaceful.

App: Pinterest. I pin everything — from recipes, to fashion, to hairstyles. It’s also great to find workout inspiration; I like pinning exercises that I can do while on the go.

Relax Ritual: Exercising helps me relax.