Healthcare Transparency: How to Fix What’s Not Working


The New York Times recently published an article analyzing the progress of transparency solutions in the healthcare industry. The idea behind these tools is to harness the power of big-data to empower consumers to become sophisticated shoppers of medical care.   The article notes that limitations of these tools are becoming clear. Trying to engage employees when they are deciding where to go and what care they need has been daunting for everyone in the industry. Utilization requires a shift in behavior; people are hesitant to use the tools and when they do, they might not rely on the insight.

At HBG we know it takes more than powerful tools to drive utilization and measurable results. We work with advisors to devise strategies for their clients – using legal financial contribution differentials to drive the participation and ongoing engagement required for sustainable cost control.

Article: Online Tools to Shop for Doctors Snag on Health Care’s Complexity


Need a dermatologist? Today, online tools can show you which doctors are in your plan’s network as well as rank them by the likely cost of a visit.

Still not sure which one to pick? The tools also show whether you have already met your plan’s deductible and offer Yelp-like reviews of the doctors.

The idea behind these web tools, which have been available from health insurers and start-ups for several years, is to harness the power of so-called big data. The companies cull medical claims and other sources of information to help people become sophisticated shoppers for medical care — and they promise to curb the overall cost of health care in the process. By some estimates, the savings from this newfound transparency could run in the billions of dollars a year.

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Engagement Tactics: HBG’s Pledge Program

At HBG we work with our clients and their advisors to drive employee engagement of healthcare solutions.   A powerful method we use is implementing a “Pledge” or “Commit” program. By promoting incentive strategies within the legal framework of the final rules on incentive programs, HBG is able to drive participation and engagement for proven results.

This exhibits displays actual utilization and savings from HBG’s transparency solution before and after implementing a Pledge program engagement strategy for a 400 life group.   After 13 months of passive engagement, this client wanted to push harder for utilization.   After realizing a savings of 6K in 13 months, this client wanted to push harder for utilization.   Once a custom engagement strategy was implemented, client’s savings increased 20x in 1/2 the time. After customizing an engagement strategy that aligned with their corporate culture, this client’s savings increased 20x in 1/2 the time.