Telemedicine: Why many employers are adopting it and how to get your clients on board

It is projected by 2018 that nearly 90% of employers will be offering telemedicine to their employees, according to the 2015 Towers Watson Best Practices in Health Care Survey with the National Business Group on Health. 

Why Telehealth? 

A shortage of primary care doctors has increased patient wait times to 20.3 days on average; the U.S. healthcare industry wastes an estimated 38 billion from ER overuse; and 30 million uninsured Americans are being added to the system.

Healthcare consumers are more digitally focused than ever – 4 in 5 smartphone users are interested in using their technology to interact with a healthcare provider.

More employers are choosing telehealth as a low-cost way to drive employee satisfaction, increase productivity and help reduce overall healthcare costs. 

Immediately reduce costs by redirecting unnecessary and non-emergency visits to Urgent Care, ER and Primary Care.